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From the Directors Desk

India, at any given time, has a yearly incidence of 10 lakh new cancer patients, with three to four times of that number existing as patients who have recently suffered in the past or undergoing treatment.

To add to this, is the fact that improving healthcare facilities in India have started attracting patients from surrounding countries for healthcare to our country, thus adding to the burgeoning demand for specialized treatment for cancer.

Treatment for cancer needs an organized team approach by specialized consultants who require many years of training and experience to reach levels of international expertise. Therefore a country like our needs a large network of centers to meet the demands of healthcare in this segment, offering all of it at an affordable cost.

This challenge is the one that led to the idea of Asian  Cancer Institute to house a team of doctors who are specialized in the management of cancer and have spent a lifetime understanding the disease, its progression and the options of treatment. The institute aims to have specialized cancer centers for the treatment, rehabilitation and follow-ups for cancer patients at par with international standards.

Asian Cancer Institute unlike any other cancer institute, is unique as it is conceptualized by eminent oncologists, who best know the needs of the patients rather than any other hospital management team. These specialists, who raised the standards of healthcare at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai earlier, have brought their expertise, gamered over decades to plan, establish and manage Asian Cancer Institute.

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