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The Department of Medical Oncology deals with administering chemotherapy to patients with solid tumors and hematological malignancies. With major advances worldwide the field of Medical Oncology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Starting from superior anti- nausea medications and better venous access devices to newer chemotherapy molecules and targeted and biological therapies, chemotherapy in the present era is a hassle free experience for the patient.

The Department of Medical Oncology at Asian Cancer Institute has a faculty of national and international repute. The patients coming to our center are looked after by the stalwarts of Medical Oncology. We specialize in providing not just excellent expertise in chemotherapy to our patients but also in individualizing care as per the patients need.


Commonly performed tests include thyroid profiles, tumor markers (CA125, PSA, CA19.9,AFP), Vitamin D & Vitamin B12. Instrument : Vitros ECI (Enhanced chemiluminescence immunoassay) Analyzer.


Commonly processed tests include CBC,ESR, Coagulation studies & bone marrow aspirates. Instruments : Beckman coulter ACTdiff5 & Sysmex CA50 analyzer.


Commonly performed tests include Blood sugar, Lipid profile, LFT, RFT, electrolytes, magnesium & serum Ammonia. Instruments : Vitros 250 (Dry chemistry analyzer)


Point of care testing is given high priority and performed stat. Stringent Quality controls are followed in Point of care testing also. Tests like ABG, Procalcitonin,


We offer a comprehensive test menu of Molecular biology and Cytogenetics relevant to oncology and non-oncology cases.In the area of Cytogenetics, the laboratory provides valuable analysis pertaining to prenatal, postnatal conditions.


A wide range of over 90 markers ensures a comprehensive diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic test menu. Immunohistochemistry automation & stringent quality control protocol support us to ensure high quality out put.


Expert second opinion is offered on cases submitted for review. Submission of all relevant clinical as well as investigative details is mandatory for documentation & accurate diagnosis.


Services provided: Histopathology + Frozen Sections Cytology + FNAC Second opinion Immunohistochemistry

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