• Palliative Care Management Medicines available,
  • 24 X 7 Healthcare Pharmacy services,
  • Fully Compliant Statutory Guidelines,
  • Automated Transport Systems for dispatch of Medicines to admitted Patients,
  • e-Prescriptions provides value addition in Pharmacy Healthcare,
  • Technically competent and Qualified Pharmacist to carry Pharmacy functions,
  • Right mix of people, processes and technologies in place to provide patients with the highest quality care
  • Medication Safety,



  • Continuous Training and development to upgrade Pharmacy performance,
  • Outright coverage of Medicines included in Indian Oncology Drug Book,
  • Technically sound Brand Selection with all Certifications to ensure efficacy and Bio-Availability of Drugs,
  • Leading Manufacturers and Merchants are linked as Business Partners,
  • Directive approach through various committees to set up Pharmacy Healthcare standards,
  • Finest Inventory Management,
  • Strong forecasting of near Expiry Medicines to nullify Patient’s grievances,
  • Cashless transactions in Pharmacy with Smart Money Payment.